Women's Wellness and Beauty at Any Age

Women's Wellness and Beauty at Any Age

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 29th Apr 2022

Women’s wellness and personal beauty are essential at any age! Whether you started young or decided to have children in your later years, health for all women is the cornerstone of our families. But what does wellness look like in our day-to-day lives? At the intersection of wellness and beauty at any age is self-care that focuses on the mind, body and spirit!

Wellness Actions for Mothers
Wellness for mothers encompasses a multi-pronged approach to caring for yourself first. It may seem that you don’t have time to focus on your needs with all your responsibilities as a mom. But by making wellness a priority, you will be the best mother you can be. When you are calm and healthy, you will find a wellspring of patience and energy to care for your family and can do so more effectively. Wellness includes nurturing your mind, body and spirit, with each of these actions being intricately intertwined. A study featured in The International Journal of Mental Health Promotion shows that belief in the impact of these behaviors can improve physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.[1] A healthy mind and spirit promote a healthier body, and when you have a healthy body, your well-being responds in kind.

Sounds great, but how do you get started? Just carve out time for small bite-size wellness actions. When you remember that your children are watching how you navigate life, it will inspire you to keep going! Every time you choose a healthy meal, go on a walk or run, and let yourself relax and play, you set a stellar example for your children. While wellness trends are ever-evolving, yoga, meditation and tai chi are here to stay. Explore these and other wellness practices to find the one that resonates with you. Heck, get your kids to try them out with you. It can be fun and rewarding to show your kids how to prep healthy food, enjoy nature walks, etc. And it shows them you are open to trying new habits that promote optimal health.

Physical Wellness & Beauty
Of course, fitness supports physical wellness, but it also improves women’s health, beauty and self-esteem. The increased overall strength, blood flow, oxygenation and surge of endorphins produce a more youthful physique and radiant complexion for total vitality. When you move your body, you simply feel more confident in your skin! Actions that support immune health are critical to health for all women, as strong immunity is a powerful defense against illness and disease. Despite mixed beliefs about the efficacy of popular immune-boosting therapies, believing the prevalence of detoxes, IV or red light therapy are healthy signifies an attitude and other therapies signifies a shift towards wellness.

More than skin deep, evidence supports the benefits of massages and facials for improving physical wellness. Professional Pevonia treatments for face and body improve women’s health from the inside out and the outside in. Both facilitate detoxification and circulation, with the improved blood flow increasing your body’s oxygenation and ability to nourish itself.

Beauty at Any Age
Caring for your skin is vital for wellness and beauty at any age. Your skin is your largest organ, so care for it, and you are genuinely caring for your body. Of course, every woman experiences skin challenges at different ages and rates. Still, you can take several preventive measures to ensure your skin stays healthy, well and beautiful at every age. Here are the suggested Pevonia products for where you are right now:

In your 20s: It is time to solidify good skin care habits, whether you are a young mom or a mother wanting to teach your child about proper skincare. Start simply with a sulfate-free natural eye makeup remover and natural face cleanser to leave skin free of impurities while preserving natural oils. Next, commit to using sunscreen to protect skin from UV rays by day and a skin care cream that supports the skin’s moisture content at night. And it isn’t too early to start with the Pevonia Evolutive Eye Cream to protect the delicate eye area. As acne is often top-of-mind now, using quality acne skin care to address breakouts can significantly impact well-being.

In your 30s: Since you have mastered the basics, age prevention and early intervention is the name of the game now. As fine lines around the eyes are the first signs of aging, you’ll want to power up your routine, starting with the best natural eye cream. Next, the Pevonia Marine Collagen Cream will support natural protein production, moisturize and blur fine lines. Natural Hyaluronic Acid and oils take a slight dip, so switching to our creamy Hydrating Cleanser will help skin stay dewy and luminous. If you haven’t tried Retinol yet, get a jump on your resurfacing and repair efforts with the best natural face cleanser for aging skin. Follow with our specially formulated Micro-Retinol toner, serum and natural face moisturizer, proven to smooth sun damage and boost radiance.

In your 40s: Skin starts to lose its youthful ability to snap back as elasticity declines. Uneven skin tone tends to become more apparent as well. Natural skin care that promotes tighter-looking luminous skin is vital for keeping skin youthful-looking longer.

In your 50s & 60s: Fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity have already shown themselves as cell turnover and other processes have slowed down. You and your skin have earned the best natural skin care products to relax wrinkles and help subdue these advanced signs of aging. Pamper yourself with revitalizing plant-based Stem Cells and Caviar, the star players for “chronologically experienced” skin. As we mature and oil production diminishes, skin becomes drier and may need added help from a face oil to seal in moisture. Across the ages, weekly exfoliation, masking and daily sun protection will yield maximum results from your regimen and ensure skin stays healthy and beautiful.

Mental Wellness
Mental wellness encompasses calming the mind through de-stressing activities or stimulating it through intellectual wellness, with both improving well-being.
As stress is the bane of mental wellness for women, we are partial to restorative activities like:

·       Soaking up Nature – Forest bathing, nature walks and hikes help decompress and shift perspectives.
·       Baths – A natural bubble bath with calming essential oils and natural bath salts can revive your mind and body, wash away stressors, ease aches and pains and facilitate better sleep, which is paramount for total wellness.
·       Meditation, yoga and Tai Chi boost mental fitness and improve body comfort.
·       Sound and music therapies reduce stress through sonic vibrations.

Intellectual wellness involves learning a new skill or language or trying your hand at a new hobby that boosts creativity while keeping your brain active and healthy.
Whether you decide to hit the trails, yoga studio, farmer’s market, spa or at-home sanctuary, Pevonia wishes you improved wellness and beauty throughout the decades!

1.       International Journal of Mental Health Promotion VOLUME 9 ISSUE 3 - AUGUST 2007