What Are the Benefits of Collagen Skin Care Products?

What Are the Benefits of Collagen Skin Care Products?

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 8th Apr 2022

When we are young, we take our fresh, line-free complexions for granted. But once we enter our 20s, we begin losing about one percent of our natural Collagen yearly! By the time we reach our 50s, we may have lost about 30% of our Collagen! Don't get us wrong. We are all for positive aging and honestly earning our experience lines! But factors like damaging UV exposure, high sugar diets and smoking can make this loss take a fast downward turn. Without a skin-tervention, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and volume loss will appear. The good news is that once you learn about Collagen and how it can help your skin, you will embrace aging like a beauty pro!

What is Collagen?
Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein in our skin that’s essential for its youthful plumpness and bounce. It provides a supportive structure, cushioning, strengthening and helping maintain skin's supple flexibility. Like materials used to “frame out” a building, without this fundamental building block, the skin is no longer supported and begins to sag. As we make less collagen year after year, it makes sense to apply topical Collagen to help remedy this situation. But before grabbing just any skin care cream, it is important to understand that not all forms will do the trick.

What is Collagen in Skin Care?
Choosing products with ingredients that reinforce vital skin proteins is essential to help counteract Collagen loss due to aging and lifestyle habits. Collagen is the superstar of natural skin care products with its ability to support natural protein production and maintain healthy skin. But, there are different types of Collagen found in skincare, with some more effective than others.
When Collagen first made the scene, it was mainly sourced from cows, called Bovine Collagen. While it seems like a match at first glance, it isn’t entirely compatible with the human skin, inhibiting optimal absorption. It also doesn’t offer the same level of safety and ease of extraction as Marine Collagen, nor is it as environmentally friendly.(1)

Plant-based “Collagen” would be great in a utopian world. However, as Collagen isn’t present in plants, this form simply does not serve as an actual source. Instead, it is a combination of pro-collagen amino acids, vitamins and minerals that promote the right conditions for renewal. But, beyond being a viable option for vegans, that is as far as it goes in terms of skincare benefits.
Marine Collagen is by far the best type of Collagen to have in your natural skin care products. It is primarily a Type I Collagen, the most abundant form in our body and skin. Studies find that it better supports healthy skin, creating a better response in the skin once absorbed.(2)

Collagen Skin Care Benefits
Marine Collagen is a multi-tasking skin benefactor with numerous skin benefits:

#1: Age defense – Marine Collagen contains amino acids compatible with those in our skin, enabling maximum penetration and results. It encourages the skin’s production of naturally occurring proteins and boosts moisture levels, helping reduce wrinkles on face and keeping skin plump and youthful. It is clear how it earned its reputation as one of the finest natural skin care ingredients! While Vitamin C and Retinol are better known for their abilities to help repair sun damaged skin, Marine Collagen is an excellent partner in these stimulating recovery efforts.

#2: Preserves moisture – Marine Collagen is a phenomenal moisturizer, helping prevent trans-epidermal water loss, which plays a role in visible signs of aging. This forestalls fine lines due to dehydration and helps skin appear plump, luminous and dewy.

#3: Plays well with others – The beauty of Collagen is that you can incorporate it with Retinol, Vitamin C or acid-based products without worry of irritation or interaction.

#4 Suitable for all skin types – Unlike stimulating anti-aging ingredients not suitable for those with sensitivity, all skin types can use Collagen, even those prone to redness and irritation.

#5 Marine Collagen is user-friendly – It can be used morning and night and does not need a ramp-up period. Plus, while we always advise sunscreen use, Marine Collagen does not require vigilance about sun exposure like more aggressive ingredients. This makes it highly user-friendly and encourages more consistency with skincare routines.

Why Pevonia Marine Collagen?
Pevonia sources Marine Collagen from the White Teleost fish as this superior water-binding humectant provides moisturizing and skin-enhancing properties. It can be found throughout the Pevonia range to meet you where you are in your skincare journey. It is featured in the top-selling Pevonia Marine Collagen Cream, natural skin cleanser, toner and eye cream from the Power Repair collection. It is also available in our Collagen Boost Face Balm and Collagen Boost Eye Contour expressly formulated for men.

Marine Collagen Polypeptides in the Intensifier Collagen Myoxy-Caviar take the Collagen train one track further with their ability to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. These pure amino-acid molecular chains are formulated to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, to further support collagen production and infuse skin with vital moisture.

Additional Pevonia Skin Care with Collagen:
Due to its phenomenal benefits, we have included Marine Collagen in many of our retail products, too many to list here. But, we’ll leave you with this: If your goal is to prevent those first fine lines around the eyes, the Pevonia Evolutive Eye Cream is the perfect introduction. It is no accident that we’ve included it in the YouthRenew Tinted Cream SPF 30 to help avoid sun damaged skin. This finishing step is suitable for anyone wanting to hold onto the Collagen they have and look fabulous in the process. For an even bigger boost of Marine Collagen, check out our age-defying Pevonia treatments at a spa near you