We're Grateful for Science

We're Grateful for Science

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 4th Nov 2022

Discover the science behind Pevonia’s natural, results driven skincare products.

While using clean skincare actives is essential to be competitive in today’s market, it is just the beginning! More than just an ingredient focused, trendy brand, Pevonia keeps going where other brands stop. We endeavor to ensure that our products fulfill our primary mission - to promote optimal skin health, beauty, and wellness through our science driven skincare products and treatments. We accomplish this through advanced manufacturing technologies that yield unparalleled results.

Beyond Ingredient Focused Skincare
The difference between achieving so-so outcomes and beautiful, youthful-looking skin lies in how a product is formulated. Unfortunately, many ingredients in their “raw” forms are limited in terms of how well they penetrate, which means the skin cannot fully absorb their nutrients to realize the potential benefits. In addition, some of the best actives, like Vitamins A and C, oxidize rapidly or fail to retain their potency and produce the intended outcomes.

To compound matters, the skin is tasked with protecting us from the environment, amongst other vital functions. As it takes its job very seriously, this poses a challenge to skincare products and manufacturers. So, how do we get the products to penetrate beyond the protective barrier? That is why meticulous ingredient sourcing combined with green technology is needed!

First, we use clean beauty ingredients readily recognized by the skin. Think of the outermost layer of your skin as the bouncer of the hottest club in town. When the skin encounters elements that don't look anything like the natural skin components inside, the gatekeeper will not allow them entrance. But, if the ingredients resemble those within, they are granted access. That’s just the first hurdle. Pevonia takes this one step further with chirally correct actives, which means the molecules in our formulas match the receptors in your skin for a mutual receptor-molecule match. Like slipping your hand into a perfectly fitted glove, chiral correction helps prevent undue irritation and reactions.

Many of our formulas contain purified Water - the vehicle of life. To ensure maximum product freshness and purity, we use perfectly sterilized, pharmaceutical-grade Water filtered to safeguard that there is no harmful Chlorine, Bacteria, Microorganisms, particles, or residues to detract from a formula’s purpose.

Next, it is time to embrace your inner nerd to understand how science is indeed your skin’s friend. Pevonia employs science backed skincare manufacturing that surpasses standard formulation approaches to encourage even deeper penetration and maximum results. We’re grateful for green technologies, neutral aids that enhance the benefits without negatively altering the chemical structure.

Here are our clinically proven processes that produce safe, effective skincare products that positively impact the skin.

Triphase Creams
Most standard creams on the market are dual phase, which refers to oil in water or water in oil formulations that require emulsifiers to prevent the formula from separating. Pevonia’s triphase microemulsions are water-oil-water which means that the actives in each moisturizing cream are protected from breaking down while providing a controlled release of actives. This translates to enhanced product absorption and skin health, with an extra dose of moisture and a velvety texture that is the hallmark of our silky skin care creams. We really put the WOW in skincare performance and excellence!

Homogenization + PIT
Each formula undergoes high-pressure homogenization to serve up the best penetration possible. Powerful hydraulic pressure, speed, and turbulence guarantee that all ingredients, including oil, water, and food-grade emulsifiers are evenly sized for optimal product dispersion. This results in luxurious moisturizers that are light in texture yet dedicated to making the skin stronger, healthier, dewy, and glowing.

Next, we subject the formulas to variances of temperatures to decrease the size of the formula molecule for maximum penetration within the skin. This process, called Phase Inversion Temperature, enables our skin-friendly formulas to essentially bypass the outer non-living layer of skin, going deeper into the skin where living cells can use these ingredients and truly improve the skin. Without these steps, your skin can’t effectively receive all the benefits that the actives offer.

Encapsulation + Delivery Systems
Pevonia utilizes multiple encapsulation and delivery systems, from Unispheres to Liposomes, which work synergistically with the ingredients in products – doubling the benefits of our top-selling skincare products. These “tiny micro-capsules” are invisible to the eye and multi-purposed for deeper penetration, time-released activity, on-demand application, and more.

Here are several super-charged examples:

Microsphere SystemDiacetyl Boldine is housed in special phospholipid-comprising micro-spheres throughout the Lumafirm® Collection. This high-tech liposomic structure is a time-release delivery system that is key for the illuminating effects of this powerful natural active.

Biomimetic Micro-LiposomeAn innovative liposomic structure made of multiple round microstructures biocompatible with the human skin. These unique time-release Seaweed-derived Peptides are largely responsible for the luminous look skin acquires when using the Lumafirm® Repair Cream.

SpherulitesThis is a special time-release membrane with two applications - active encapsulation and diffusion. It sandwiches Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes between a multi-layered, shield-like structure in our exfoliating Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream that are released upon use. This stabilizes and enhances product penetration for a smooth, radiant complexion. This technology helps diffuse Hyaluronic Acid, boosting its moisturizing and plumping benefits throughout the day for long-lasting dewiness.

OxyzomesVitamin C, known for its line-smoothing, glow-inducing properties, is also known to oxidize quickly, losing potency. To counteract this, the "C" Complexe with Oxyzomes utilizes a protective Vitamin E membrane to stabilize the Vitamin C in this formula. This ensures maximum bio-availability within a time-release, sensitive skin-friendly formula that penetrates deeply and safely for all skin types.

TegosphereRetinol, the gold standard in managing sun damage, plus early and advanced signs of aging, loses efficacy when exposed to heat and light. To overcome this, we use a spongy micro-capsule in our Pevonia De-Aging Body Balm - Papaya-Pineapple that features a pH, warmth, and friction-triggered release that maintains stability and effectiveness for the skin. In addition, this body moisturizer boasts microemulsification, an additional technology used with Shea Butter for exceptional skin-smoothing renewal.

Micro-Retinol – Unlike traditional processes to derive Retinol which can irritate the skin, Pevonia has a unique formulation that combines Retinol and a particular Carrot-derived enzyme stabilized with antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in our Micro-Retinol® Collection.

Micro-MatrixFound in the SpaTeen Blemished Moisturizer, this mesh-style carrier provides time-released active diffusion and even dosing of ingredients like B.P.O. (Benzoyl Peroxide) and Salicylic Acid throughout the day for speedy breakout relief.

These powerful examples illustrate how science and skincare actives work together, hand in hand at Pevonia. We deeply appreciate, and know your skin does too, how science has changed the face of skincare. Go science!

Want to discover your healthiest skin ever? Boost skin health with an in-depth consultation for your ideal products and professional treatments. We recommend the Lumafirm® Lift & Glow/Freeze-Dried Facial Treatment, Peel & Recapture Micro-Retinol® Essential Treatment, Luminous “C” & “Sea”® Mask Treatment or Tropicale De-Aging Body Wraps - Papaya-Pineapple Crème Fraîche Body Wrap Treatment that feature a few of these effective technologies. Visit Find A Spa for an oasis near you offering Pevonia!