We're Grateful for High Performance Skincare

We're Grateful for High Performance Skincare

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 25th Nov 2022

Welcome to the World of high performance skincare! If you’re frustrated by wasting time, money, and energy investing in a vanity full of products that don't deliver, you’ve come to the right place. While achieving astonishingly smooth wrinkle reduction may seem like an elusive fantasy, when these empowering factors come into play, we assure you that real improvement can be experienced sooner rather than later.

As one of the premiere science backed skincare brands, we’re grateful to be at the forefront of new ingredient and technology discoveries that enable us to produce effective, results driven skincare formulas that achieve youthful-looking skin that endures. The majority of Pevonia products are clinically proven to perform, have 4 and 5-star reviews, and dedicated following that are a testimony to our high performance skincare formulas. Ready to upgrade your routine? Here’s how:

Choose Wisely
We know navigating through the sea of products can be confusing and tempt you to veer off course. However, if you select ingredient focused products with proven, potent actives, like plant based Stem Cells, Micro-Retinol, and Caviar, you give your skin the best chance of success.

  • Our Argan and Comfrey Root Stem Cells get to the root of the matter, literally and figuratively. Naturally derived from the roots of skin-renewing plants, they help withstand inflammation and free radical damage (oxidative stress), prolonging the lifespan of cells. Plant Stem Cells stimulate how our skin’s own Stem Cells work, preserving and fortifying their potency, protecting them from breaking down, promoting cell and tissue repair.
  • Pevonia’s Micro-Retinol, sourced from natural Vitamin A, is formulated to be highly stable and effective. It counteracts the light and air degradation and sensitizing effects of traditional Retinoids, delivering just the benefits. This powerhouse antioxidant and emollient fights skin-damaging free radicals and provides effective smoothing and resurfacing results while helping skin regain moisture balance. It enhances cellular performance, speeds cell turnover, reorganizes skin cells, normalizes enzymatic activity, strengthens, and stimulates collagen production. These actions smooth fine lines and wrinkles, prevent loss of elasticity, help diminish melanin, the pigment responsible for dark spots and uneven skin tone, and improve skin density.
  • Caviar Extract bestows intensive skin-renewing power harnessed from the sea. Renowned for its profound reparative abilities, it infuses mature skin with nutrient-rich elements essential for creating life. Regenerating Amino Acids compatible with the human body support natural protein production and moisturize the skin, leaving it visibly smoother and tighter-looking. Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorous boost oxygenation, enzymatic metabolism, and cellular energy (ATP), revitalizing cell turnover and skin health. Antioxidant Vitamins (Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and D) unite to fight skin-damaging free radicals, stress, and other environmental factors that cause visible signs of aging skin. These constituents promote healthy DNA, Collagen and Elastin formation, and even pigmentation for a stronger, more radiant complexion.

It isn’t just about the ingredients, it’s about high performance molecular skincare formulations! Aside from the types of Stem Cells, Retinol, and Caviar used being more compatible with human skin, the most effective skin products undergo strict processing, ensuring optimal purity and efficacy. This includes using high concentrations of actives and manufacturing that reduces their molecular size to allow them to penetrate deeply into the skin to yield maximum results. Ideally, they refrain from ingredients that are counterproductive to efforts to age gracefully, such as drying Sulfates and Alcohol, skin-thinning mineral oil, irritating Artificial Dyes and Fragrances, harmful Parabens, and other synthetic additives.

Stay the Course
Skipping around and not sticking to an effective skin care routine is the fastest way to become disillusioned with skincare and lose your way. Daily use of a complete system with the best results driven skincare yields desired results more quickly and effectively. Sporadic use of the most effective skin products simply doesn’t work. But staying the course and allowing the products time to work will help you arrive at your desired destination: beautiful skin. Let us remind you that the products won’t leap out of their bottles, jars, or tubes onto your skin – you have to do some work too!

Be Patient
Beware of quick fixes! A frequently asked question is, “How long does it take to see skincare results?” The answer depends on a few factors. We’re not dangling a carrot with results always beyond your reach, but like a watched pot that doesn’t boil, the rewards for your efforts require some patience. While some products claiming rapid results may not go the distance, other quality formulas provide long-lasting results from faithfully and patiently following your regimen.

The long answer lies in a vital process of the skin – the cell turnover rate. The rate of cell turnover equates to the number of days it takes a skin cell to travel from the deepest to the outermost layers. This cycle is usually about 28 days – but can become longer due to age or excessive sun damage. For a product to truly work its science backed magic, the skin needs exposure to one, two, or, sometimes, even three full cycles. You will typically see some initial plumping and luminosity with moisturizing natural skin care products, with more specific results achieved with one, two, and three months of use. Remember: It took years for those lines or wrinkles to develop, and, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

How this applies to Pevonia skin care:
Pevonia formulates products to be there for you in the long haul, with plant based Stem Cells, Micro-Retinol, and Caviar leading the way. We house concentrated, high-performing skincare actives in formulas designed to penetrate deeply for results worthy of a skincare enthusiast’s genuine gratitude.

  • Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Collection: While our plant based Stem Cells start working from the first application, they deliver exceptional, lasting results with longer-term use. It takes 56 days - the sum of two complete skin cell life cycles to produce a dramatic reduction in wrinkles, with repeated use proven to produce up to 26% wrinkle reduction! It is the number of times you apply the Stem Cells that delivers these phenomenal, cumulative effects. We know waiting to enjoy the fruits of your labor is difficult, so we’ve incorporated Retinol, Marine Collagen, and Elastin in the featured products within the Golden Celebration Plant Based Stem Cells Holiday Gift Set to moisturize and smooth the appearance of lines in an instant. Now that’s merry-making!
  • Micro-Retinol® Collection: With Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Marine Collagen, Marine Elastin and more, our Micro-Retinol products promptly encourage a refreshed, rejuvenated complexion. Featured in the Picture Perfect Micro-Retinol Holiday Gift Set, they empower and enhance skin cellular performance, delivering instant moisturizing, line-plumping, glowing results.
  • Myoxy-Caviar® Collection: This luxurious, effective skincare line works wonders to revitalize, repair, and rejuvenate the skin. The moisturizing effects of nutritive Caviar combined with Hyaluronic Acid are quickly observed, often within a week. These natural skin care products also contain Escutox, a holistic Amino Acid alternative to popular wrinkle-smoothing injectables. A double-blind clinical trial proved that it improves deep wrinkles and produces firmer-looking skin by 45-48% within three weeks! Just in time for the holidays, the Timeless De-Aging Myoxy Caviar Holiday Gift Set can dramatically revive your skin’s youthful-looking appearance for a perfect new year complexion reset.

Remember to choose wisely, be consistent and sit back and wait for the compliments our high performance skincare is sure to deliver. Shop now to discover how high performance skincare can work for you!
Want to maximize results for your healthiest skin ever? Boost skin health with an in-depth consultation for your ideal products and professional treatments. Consider these treatments that embody our high performance skincare commitment: Peel & Recapture Micro-Retinol® Essential Treatment, Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Facial Treatment, or Myoxy-Caviar® Mask Treatment. Visit Find A Spa for an oasis near you offering Pevonia!