The Spa Box Collection by Pevonia - Bringing Your Favorite Luxurious Spa Experiences to Your Home

Have you ever been mindlessly scrolling through Social Media and then you suddenly stop because you see a recipe that looks amazing? There is either a bright beautiful picture that catches your eye, or even better, one of those time-lapse videos. For some inexplicable reason you sit and watch the whole thing even though you have a million other things that you could be doing.

For once, you decide, “you know what? I am going to make that tonight!” You head to the blog and what do you see? The most obscure list of spices, ingredients, and even tools that you have ever seen. You have not even heard of some of these things! You’re thinking to yourself, I don’t even know if I like these ingredients; I have never even heard of (insert spice).

“Can I skip this ingredient or will it mess up the recipe if I do?” “It’s probably an essential component.” “The whole experience might be off if I don’t have this one little part.” “I guess I have to buy it…”

Long story short, the recipe turns out as amazing it looked, but wouldn’t it have been nice to avoid the cost and hassle of getting there? The fact of the matter is that no, you could not have skipped that ¼ tsp of spice. It may have been a tiny little portion, but each of the ingredients are there for a reason. They each serve a purpose and build off of each other to create the wonderful flavor that you tasted.

The same rule of thumb goes for a Spa Experience. Have you ever been in for a facial and owned every single tool and product that the esthetician used on you during it? If you are like most of us, the answer is “no.”

The Spa Box Collection is Pevonia’s solution to this challenge. Perfectly portioned Spa-at-Home experiences in one box. Think of it as a box containing all of the ingredients and tools that you need in order to make the perfect recipe, or in this case, facial experience with great visible results. Each Spa Box includes a Full-Size, Deluxe Trial Size, and Deluxe Sample Sizes of many of our best-selling, proven-performing Pevonia products (size based upon the quantity needed for the service), pro-style tools and/or accessories, and a step-by-step guide with diagrams that show you how to perform the service. You will be armed with everything that you need to relax your body and mind… at home.

Similar to how not everyone has the same taste in recipes, not everyone has the same taste (or skincare concerns) in terms of spa experiences. That is why Pevonia provides a wide array of different spa experiences, targeting your unique skincare concerns, in order for you to have the perfect selection of Spa-at-Home options! Some trending ones include:

The Spa Box – Collagen Repair & De-Stress Facial Experience
The Spa Box – Green Apple De-Stress & De-Age Facial Experience
The Spa Box – Cleanse & Revitalize Spa-At-Home Facial

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We wish you a happy Spa [at-home] Day!