The Importance of Skin Moisture to Counteract Dehydrated Skin

The Importance of Skin Moisture to Counteract Dehydrated Skin

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 22nd Apr 2022

Newsflash: Superficially dehydrated skin is not on trend this summer, or ever! But dewy skin is!
But, how to prevent dehydrated skin? A moisture-infused skin care routine combined with healthy lifestyle habits are the most effective dehydrated skin treatments to quench your skin’s thirst. Not sure how to get there? No worries – we’ve drilled down what you need to know to stay luminous!

Importance of Skin Moisture
First, what is dehydration? It is simply a lack of water in the skin. Factors like harsh skincare, poor sleep quality, weather, air conditioning, inadequate water intake, nutrition and lifestyle choices all play a role. This condition becomes aggravated as oil levels decline with age. So, why is staying hydrated so important? As the human body is about 60% water, according to the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey), and it is critical for life, staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do. It helps regulate your body temperature, facilitate the metabolism of nutrients, and eliminate waste – factors that significantly impact our skin’s health.

Well hydrated skin heals and repairs itself more quickly, maintains a healthy skin barrier and exhibits a radiant glow. This allows it to protect you from bacteria, viruses, UV rays and other environmental contaminants and aggressions, and more. How do you know if your skin is dehydrated? If fine lines are more visible, skin appears dull or you get rebound oil production, that is the skin’s way of compensating for the lack of water, and it is time to rethink your routine. So, you chug water like a champ, and your skin still feels like a prune? That’s because hydrating the skin from within just doesn’t cut it! To truly increase your skin’s moisture levels, you have to address it with a multi-pronged approach.

Tips For a Moisturizing Skin Care Routine
While hydrating from within is vital to help keep your skin on point, natural skin care products that boost your skin’s natural moisture levels will seal the deal from the outside in.
Avoid harsh, drying ingredients like sulfates, alcohol, artificial fragrances and dyes, which can dehydrate your skin. Rescue skin from surface dehydration with this moisturizing skin care routine:
·       Cleanse with your ideal Pevonia natural skin cleanser and avoid hot water that strips away moisture.
·       Tone with our facial mist enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe. This is essential for completing the cleanse and removing tap water impurities and drying chlorine in tap water. It also gives skin a deep thirst-quenching “Hydra drink” and prepares it to absorb your serum and moisturizer optimally for boosted benefits.
·       Treat your skin with a moisturizing serum packed with more Hyaluronic Acid to bind water and preserve its moisture content.
·       Lock in the dewy goodness with a Pevonia natural face moisturizer.
·       Repeat twice daily to keep skin plump and supple.
·       Use moisturizing sunscreen in the morning for UV and barrier protection.
·       Spritz your face spray throughout the day to rejuvenate and counteract dehydration.
            o   Keep one at your desk or workplace for an afternoon pick-me-up.
            o   Use anytime your skin looks or feels tight for a quick shot of moisture.
            o   Tote your Hyaluronic Acid skin mist in your gym bag for a refreshing post-workout head-to-toe spritz. This helps boost moisture depleted due to perspiration, which can lead to fine lines.
            o   Combat summer heat and air conditioning with a mid-day spritz of your moisturizing face mist to give skin the moisture it needs without a heavy feel.
·       Avoid dehydrating long, hot showers and choose one of our natural bath products that support your skin’s moisture levels.

How to Prevent Dehydrated Skin
The saying that the best defense is a good offense is especially true when it comes to your skin.
So, if your skin currently has a beautiful glow, we beg you not to take it for granted! Did you know that our skin is our largest organ and the last to receive nutrients and water? Give yours a hand by being consistent with your routine and boosting hydration from within by practicing these lifestyle habits:
·       Increase your intake of water. Don’t love water? Make friends with water by adding lemon, mint, fruit or naturally-flavored drops to water to make it more tasty and enjoyable.
·       Consume water-rich fruits and vegetables like melons, celery, and cucumber.
·       Get adequate rest as research has found poor sleep contributes to dehydration. Learn more here: Sleep Foundation.
·       Use a humidifier to hydrate your air when humidity plummets and keep heaters and air conditioner use to a minimum.

Dehydrated Skin Treatments
Gentle exfoliation and masking a couple of times a week can help you get the most out of your moisturizing skin care routine. In addition, regular professional Pevonia treatments are an excellent way to tackle surface dehydration. If your skin never sees a glimmer of shine, you’ll need richer products that target dryness, including a dry skin cream and face oil for dry skin to increase your skin’s lipid levels and with calming aromatherapy benefits to help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Travel and Your Skin
If travel is on the menu this season, so is dehydration. Dry cabin air aboard airlines is a recipe for thirsty skin, with humidity ranging from 10% - 20%.
Making water your new travel companion can be the difference between arriving refreshed and radiant or tired and parched. Plus, you’ll find you rebound more quickly and can go the distance when hydrated!
The Aerospace Medical Association recommends consuming eight ounces every hour and refraining from caffeine and alcohol when airborne. Still, others advise eight ounces every three hours.

We leave it up to you to decide how much water intake works best for you but the goal is to drink plenty of it. If hikes and jaunts are on your itinerary, that extra exertion may leave you dehydrated and tired. Drink up to recover and recharge! Now that you understand the importance of hydration and how to maintain your skin's moisture, with the help of Pevonia, you will stay luminous and dewy, year round!