The Importance of Learning For Well-Being

The Importance of Learning For Well-Being

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 24th Feb 2023

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks didn’t understand why learning is important for enhancing the quality of life. Continuing to acquire new skills can have a significantly positive impact on total well-being and overall vitality. While you may have gotten in a rut, forcing yourself to get off the sofa and discovering the benefits of learning for mental health can renew your lease on life, helping you look and feel years younger.

How Learning Works in the Brain
Learning musn’t stop when you leave the classroom. When we stop learning, we stop growing. You may think you don’t need to learn new things, but if you want to maintain optimal brain health, indeed, you do! Whether you decide to try your hand at knitting, pick up the guitar, or learn a second language, trying to acquire any new skill will build new neural pathways, keeping your brain active. Regularly engaging in pastimes that involve all your senses is proven to improve neuroplasticity, strengthening the connections between your neurons. Learning helps recharge your purpose, self-esteem, and ability to cope with stress - essentials for well-being. Setting small goals like “I will learn one new stitch, chord, or word today” provides an invigorating sense of accomplishment when you see and hear the fruits of your labor!

Some people learn better by signing up for classes, while others excel with self-directed study. Of course, you know yourself better than anyone, so it is up to you to decide how you want to learn. Here are some different hobbies to check out and how they can maximize your wellness:

Knit your way to brain health: The rhythmic pattern of knitting and being mindful as you work those knitting needles helps with moods and anxiety by releasing serotonin for a calmer, happier you! The “clacking” of the needles, texture of the yarn, and seeing the finished product engages your senses, which is vital for wellness. And if you join a knitting circle, that’s even better, as staying social will help you stay sharper longer.

Learn a foreign language: You may have wondered why learning a second language is beneficial. It stimulates, strengthens, and even increases the size of your gray matter, improving memory, focus, multi-tasking skills, and overall cognitive functioning. This may help slow cognitive decline and impairments due to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In addition, it fosters communication and a more open-minded attitude towards cultures other than your own, one more step towards global unity.

Pick up a musical instrument: There are multiple ways how learning an instrument affects the brain. It improves memory, perseverance, coordination, reading, concentration, and comprehension. It also enhances mathematical ability and listening skills. In addition, playing a wind instrument (i.e., flute, trumpet, or trombone) can boost your respiratory system. As you express yourself through music, you spread joy and happiness to others and strengthen social bonds while reducing stress and anxiety. Another promising “side effect” is reduced blood pressure.

Try meditation or yoga: If, until now, you’ve ignored the fact that they help with anxiety, pain, and stress, we encourage you to reconsider. Learning yoga or starting a new meditation practice, from quieting your mind to trying out new poses, will help you think more clearly and calm your mind and body as tension gradually eases. Likewise, yoga promotes better sleep, energy, and moods while strengthening the body and helping with flexibility and balance.

Plant a fruitful garden: Gardening is one of the most beneficial ways to improve your physical and mental well-being. Having your hands in the soil helps connect you with the earth. Soil also contains a unique bacterium that causes a serotonin release, which acts as an immune system booster and a natural antidepressant. The digging, pruning, and watering of a garden demands your attention, encourages you to stay in the present, and ensures that you stay active. Seeing the fruits of your labor can be deeply gratifying and feeding yourself from your own garden is a wonderful bonus.

Cook one new recipe per week: While food deliveries have become commonplace, you can do so much more cooking at home. Swap out what you habitually eat every day, adding new spices and foods to your diet. Along with measuring, mixing, and stirring, learning a new recipe, and smelling and tasting the unique flavors, activates your senses for vital health and wellness.

Embrace your inner historian: Watch a documentary or hit the local library to check out books on your favorite historical period or person. Being armed with new facts is an excellent way to empower yourself and boost your confidence. Knowledge is power!

DIY for the win: The next time something around the house needs fixing, go to “Google University” or YouTube to become your own handyman. The new skill acquired is literally and figuratively money in the bank!

Draw, paint, or arrange flowers: Learning how to express yourself through art is found to help with feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Even doodling can help you be more grounded.

Take better care of your body: In addition to exercise, a healthy diet, adequate water intake, and sleep, understanding how to best care for your skin and body can have a big impact on your physical wellness.

Shake Up Your Routine
Learning about and trying something new in your daily routine can be good for your skin and body, as well as your mind. Incorporating any one of the above hobbies into your weekly calendar will dust off the cobwebs. One change is all it takes to improve your well-being! Now, how to apply this to your clean beauty regimen? You know that you need to switch up your shampoo to adjust to changing hair and scalp needs and change what exercises you do to keep “re-educating” your muscles; this same principle applies to your skincare routine. Here are some ways to shake up your skincare routine for wellness:

  1. Change up your collection:
    1. If you’ve been using our Essentials collection for years, it’s time to graduate. Oily and combination skin types will love the Lumafirm Line for its fast-absorbing, lightweight textures, and illuminating results. Drier skin types will soak up the deeply moisturizing Power Repair Line. (Note: If you have chronic conditions like redness, irritation, and breakouts, you can use one collection during the day to care for that and the other during the night to achieve the best results.)
    2. If you’ve cared for your complexion with the Power Repair products for a while, check out the luxurious Myoxy-Caviar Collection.
    3. Or, if you’ve used our Myoxy-Caviar products for a while, give our Stem Cells Phyto Elite Collection a try. You get the idea!
  2. Incorporate a new product (or two, or three!) into your skincare regimen:
    1. If you normally use a foaming cleanser, try a creamynatural skin cleanser or vice versa.
    2. If you have yet to make toners part of your routine, adding one will be a skincare awakening! Try the Power Repair Hydrating Toner for early signs of aging and its moisturizing properties. But if you really want to send wrinkles packing, the Myoxy-Caviar Timeless Repair Lotion will be your new aging ally!
    3. If skinimalism is more your thing, stick with the multi-tasking Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser, a 2-in-1 plant based formula.
    4. The same goes for serums, where real change happens. Pevonia offers results driven skincare concentrates, complexes, and intensifiers for all skin types and concerns. Find your perfect formula here!
    5. As skin loses moisture due to age, moving to a richer moisturizing cream or adding a face oil may make all the difference in your skin!
    6. Don’t forget your eyes and lips! If the Pevonia Évolutive Eye Cream and “C” Évolutive Eye Gel have been your go-to eye care for years, migrate to one of our more advanced formulas the help manage signs of aging. Check out our other lip and eye care products here!

Whatever you choose to improve your well-being, keep it simple and ease your way in with baby steps until you find the new “thing” that ignites your neurons (i.e., excites you!)
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