Surprising Ways to De-Stress

Surprising Ways to De-Stress

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 4th Feb 2021

Everyone has their own story to tell, the story that makes them who they are.

Everyone has their own personal story. With these stories come unique highlights and accomplishments as well as personal challenges. No matter your story, there is one thing that we all have in common right now; we are all having to learn and navigate the “New-Normal” that is Covid-19. While we may all be facing the same pandemic, we are all facing it from separate angles with unique personal situations; different problems, stressors, and obstacles to overcome.

It has been over 100 years since a generation was confronted with such a sudden, life-changing, global pandemic and we all are having to cope with an ever-changing environment.

Music is always a go-to, but have you ever searched for Binaural Beats on YouTube? According to research published in Medical News Today, binaural tunes are exceptionally soothing; vibe with brainwaves on levels that may calm you down and help you sleep or help you focus and concentrate. Experts suggest they are best enjoyed with headphones because of their specific, stereo-engineered compositions, but their fascinating sounds also resonate nicely through earbuds and speakers.

Medical News Today article

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Pevonia’s co-founder and creator, Sylvie Hennessy says that no matter how hard her day may have been or how exhausted she is, that she will not go to bed without her skincare ritual. This act of self-care creates a clean break from the intense focus on matters of the day; transitioning, nourishing, and preparing her for rest.

Sometimes stress makes you want to throw things! We resist acting on that (for the most part), but some say, “Do it! – Toss Something!” Patricia Moreno is a New-York based fitness trainer who created the intenSati Method in 2005 (a mental state free of judgment), Sati365, and is the author of 7 Secret Principles to Thinner Peace. Her 30+ years of sold-out workshops, speaking engagements and publishing have helped many make peace with their bodies.

Patricia says, “Grab a ball or an apple, or anything you can toss. Pass the apple back and forth from one hand to the other, crossing the mid-line, so you are stimulating both hemispheres of the brain and interrupting and diffusing the pattern of stress you’re experiencing. You can do this at your desk, in the kitchen, while on the phone, or while trying to find a solution to a problem. After you do it for a minute or so, stop, take three deep breaths, and if you haven’t de-stressed keep tossing.”

All About Fractals

Fractals are probably the loveliest form of math. In the realm of psychology focused on stress, fractals are “repeating patterns that are identical, or similar,” according to Dr. Peter Lambrou Ph.D., discussing the book, Code to Joy in Psychology Today magazine.

There is science to the benefit of resting your eyes on fractals when you are stressed, “The results of many studies show that exposure to fractal patterns in nature reduces people’s levels of stress up to 60%.”

Some doctors use fractal-style art in their patient waiting rooms. Bringing nature-themed fractal patterns into a clinical environment that can be quite stressful is a welcome and soothing distraction. Certain architectural designs and landscapes use fractal patterns specifically to create a feeling of relaxation and harmony. Most claim them to be ‘oddly satisfying’ in practice.

Dr. Lambrou suggests walking in nature, visiting curated gardens and watching for patterns in clouds.

Pevonia Recommended de-stressing Items

Utilizing skin care routine as a form of meditation, a way to zen – the warm water, the cleansing, followed by that wonderful moment when you gently use your soft cotton towel, eyes shut, listening to your own breathing. Followed by the sensory experience of the toner aroma as it is applied to your face, the sleekness of a serum, the drenching of the perfect moisturizer.

Pevonia BodyRenew Jasmine Lavander Bag_Set image Pevonia’s Pure Skin Charcoal Mask contains the finest micronized charcoal for skin care that easily pulls toxins out of your skin. Combining natural shea butter and squalene, it also infuses essential skin-compatible lipids that moisturize, protect, and soften your skin. Its wonderfully aromatic grapefruit extract offers astringent and brightening benefits, too. This gentle mask is suitable for all skin types.

Time to put this into practice!

So start with your face cleansing ritual and then apply the mask. Try taking a few deep breaths and enjoy its bright, cheery citrus fragrance while drawing a warm, opulent bubble bath. Treat your senses to a choice of three blissful scents depending on your mood from Pevonia’s BodyRenew™ Bathing Pleasures, an aroma-therapeutic collection of bath & body products infused with ingredients that enrich your skin with restorative and anti-aging benefits. Just thinking about these gorgeous scents is soothing: Pineapple & Coconut, Jasmine & Lavender, Peach & Vanilla...

Now, settle into the tub, grab your phone, and do a search on “fractal images in nature” for 15 minutes. The results will make you feel like a happy, relaxed kid again!

And if you need more ways to relax, feel free to read on.