Physical Wellness - Finding Your "Why"

Physical Wellness - Finding Your "Why"

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 20th Jan 2023

With physical health and wellness at the forefront of almost everyone’s minds these last several years, most of us have taken extensive measures to boost immunity and stay well now, more than ever. But, for those who are hard-pressed to eat right or keep their bodies moving, finding the “why” to improve physical wellness can be exhausting. You owe it to yourself to find a better reason to prioritize physical health and achieve optimal wellness and beauty for the long haul!

What Is Physical Wellness?
The physical wellness definition and how we approach it is far simpler than we make it. It refers to the health of our bodies achieved through a combination of habits that cultivate wellness. It is largely earned through regular physical exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep. Additional physical wellness examples include lifestyle habits that encourage illness prevention, stress management, and sexual health.

Finding a Better Reason to Exercise
Sitting and hoping for physical wellness doesn’t work. Many of us struggle to get and keep moving or start new fitness trends full of enthusiasm, only to quickly fizzle out as life “happens” and gets in the way. Often this is due to paper-thin intentions or overcomplicated routines. These two physical wellness tips make staying motivated easy:

  • Make it about how you feel, not just about weight management and how you look
  • Identify substantial and attainable goals to stick to your new healthy habits

Here are a few ways to help you accomplish both:

Healthful Longevity: If health conditions that can be helped by exercise run in your family, those are obvious reasons to embrace fitness. Aside from building stronger muscles and bones, exercise reduces the chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, and some cancers, plus it helps control diabetes and the onset of dementia. In addition, working out can extend lifespans and boost brain health and moods, keep minds sharp, and help manage the severity of depression and anxiety for a longer, more fulfilling life.

Family: Wanting to see your child or grandchild grow up, graduate from college, and get married are wonderful reasons to embrace physical fitness and wellness. Moderate-to-vigorous activity is proven to reduce the risk of premature death across the board – with taking more steps daily helping you stick around longer to watch your loved ones flourish!

Vanity: Exercise for wellness and a beautiful, healthy face and body will follow. It sounds like a platitude, but studies show that those who moderately exercise have healthier, more youthful-looking skin and bodies than folks who don’t.

Travel: To witness the world’s wonders, climbing mountains, trekking through rainforests, or seeing ancient ruins, you must stay in shape!

Artistic Purpose: Creative folks who dream of completing a novel, writing a timeless anthem, or painting their legacy need to move to keep their creative juices flowing and be able to share their art with the world.

5K & Charity Walks: Staying in shape to participate in a 5K, half marathon, or charity walk is a commendable way to make physical wellness goals meaningful. If you are competitive, tracking your progress may help you reach the finish line ahead of the pack!  

Fun: Watch kids run and play. Their smiles and laughter prove that exercise can be fun! Tap into your childlike energy by signing up for a team sport, playing in the garden, or jumping rope to literally jump for joy!

The Unknown: Chances are there are unknown adventures ahead that you can’t predict. Being physically fit will ensure that you will be ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Love: Being able to share and enjoy your life fully with a partner is a powerful reason to stay active. For your love life or taking care of your share of the responsibilities.

Happiness: Moving our bodies boosts production of feel-good brain chemicals, improving moods and self-esteem while reducing hormones that trigger stress and anxiety. Together, this helps us feel more fulfilled and confident.

Brain Health: Want to think better longer? Exercise helps forestall average age-related cognitive decline and preserve brain function.

Energy + Pain Management: Constantly tired or suffering from chronic pain? Exercise is likely the last thing you want to do. But cardio workouts exercise your lungs and heart, boosting oxygenation and energy production, reducing fatigue. Plus, the increased strength and flexibility (because we know you stretch after exercise, right?) help reduce inflammation and pain sensitivity. While gearing up to exercise is hard, once you get (and stay) going, the results will follow!

Physical Wellness Activities
Take time to explore new activities until you find something you love to ensure you’ll be more inclined to keep at it. Worried about monthly gym membership fees? Or does the mere thought of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) make you shudder? Here are fun, affordable ways to get your blood pumping that may be the “fun-fusion” you need to preserve your youthful spirit.

  • Pickle Ball – This fast-growing sport fuses badminton, ping-pong, and tennis and involves a paddle and whiffle ball. It is easy to pick up, fun, and social. This and other rec league sports (kickball, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.) help people connect, boosting a sense of community and purpose, which improves brain health!  
  • Dance – For dance lovers who have gotten rusty, try Zumba or making fun dance videos to channel your inner Baryshnikov, JLo, Misty Copeland, or Derek Hough.
  • Roller Skating – Skating has made a comeback and is a great way to have fun while moving your body.
  • Trampolining – Rebounding on a mini trampoline improves muscle strength, bone health, balance, and coordination, plus firms up your physique.
  • Head Outdoors – Run, walk, hike, bike, climb, ski, board, or paddle to move and get a little Vitamin D-filled sunshine. Exercising al fresco also delivers holistic mood-elevating effects like meditation. Invite a friend to join you or practice mindfulness while you are at it, as both improve well-being. Notice nature’s sounds, smells, and sights to boost your mental wellness. Just apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. Pevonia offers two non-white cast sunscreen formulas that blend in seamlessly! Reapply every two hours to stay protected!
  • Swing It – Swing a kettlebell, bat, or golf club or see how high you can go on a swing to recall your childhood ambitions.

Should this newfound exercise leave you a little sore, stay in the game with our Marine Magnesium to reduce muscular tension, stiffness, discomfort, and overall aches. Remember to switch up your activities, when and where you go to prevent boredom and stay on the move!

Finding a Better Reason to Eat Well
Some people eat healthy solely to achieve a slimmer physique. But, when stress or other life events happen, the temptation to throw in the towel may override this one-dimensional goal.
To encourage you to stay motivated, keep these reasons to eat healthy top of mind:

  • Increases longevity and reduces risks of potentially serious health issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and diet-related illnesses.
  • Maintains energy and brain power
  • Supports immunity, muscles, bone strength, healthy eyes, skin, and teeth
  • Helps manage optimal weight
  • Impacts how you feel mentally
  • Affects your appearance

Here are some practical food choices we can make to put these reasons to work:

  • Fiber-rich whole grains and produce help your gastrointestinal system function smoothly, which can prevent dryness, rashes, rosacea flare-ups, breakouts, and other skin issues.
  • Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables stave off free radical damage that can lead to early signs of aging. Pair with our Micro-Retinol® Collection, Vitamin C Serum, and other antioxidant-infused formulas to shield your skin from the outside in, too!
  • Choosing plant based proteins several times a week helps the avoid intake of saturated animal fats linked with inflammation and cardiovascular disease. With inflammation at the root of most complexion concerns, this can help improve skin health. Our vegan Lumafirm Repair Cream – Lift & Glow is just one of our over thirty products that complement this effort.
  • Eating a rainbow of diverse foods ensures your body gets the necessary vitamins and minerals to function. Remember, your skin is the body’s largest organ and needs all these nutrients to renew and repair itself.
  • Low-sugar diets are proven to reduce risks for heart disease, Alzheimer’s, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, respiratory issues, gum disease, sleep disturbances, and inflated BMI. A recent study revealed that drinking one 20 oz. sugary drink daily prematurely aged participants 4.6 years – a big wake-up call for sugar-loving skin-thusiasts!
  • Low-sodium diets help manage hypertension and can also limit water retention. If you enjoy ramen or other salty treats, we have the best natural eye cream for puffiness to help flush out fluid buildup afterward.
  • Hydration keeps joints and tissues lubricated, body temperatures regulated, and nutrients transported to nourish your body and maintain energy levels. Plus, it impacts the bounce of your skin. Increase your intake of water, water-rich fruits, and vegetables for healthy and luminous skin.

Trying out new recipes can be a fun, rewarding culinary adventure. You may even find your inner Julia (Child) or Martha (Stewart) in the process!

Finding Your Skincare “Why”
Wanting to keep skin clear and ward off early signs of aging are the most popular reasons for sticking to your skincare routine, with paramount. However, those with inherently good skin may not be as inclined to care for their skin since there are signs of trouble…yet! But skimping on your regimen can have adverse health effects. Beyond appearances, skincare equals caring for your physical wellness, as healthy skin protects you from the environment. Therefore, nurturing it with clean skincare products that respect your skin barrier is vital for maintaining skin health.

Cleansing with a Sulfate-Free natural skin cleanser is essential for physical wellness, helping prevent multiple skin issues. It rinses away environmental toxins, bacteria, and debris that detract from well-being. Amplify your routine with an Alcohol-Free toner to sweep away tap water laden with harmful chlorine and bacteria. Follow with nutrient-rich face moisturizer products that provide safe skincare ingredients. And don’t stop there! Use an equally clean natural body wash and body moisturizer to care for the skin on your body.

Next, make baths part of your physical wellness “why.” Beyond a luxurious indulgence, studies show that taking a natural bubble bath boosts oxygenation and respiration, calms the nervous system, and improves moods! Natural bath salts make an excellent companion for stretching out muscle soreness, soaking up the relaxing warmth, and soothing numerous skin and medical conditions. Sleep improves as discomfort, tension, and tightness ease, too! Alternating hot and cold water can also boost serotonin levels. With this powerful “why”, you can give yourself a break with a de-stressing dip without an ounce of guilt!

Note: Clear baths with your doctor first if you are undergoing medical treatment of any kind.

Upgrade Your Routine + Mindset
With a plethora of occasions encouraging us to develop a balanced approach to living, isn’t it time for an upgrade? Rolling through drive-thrus after work, skipping exercise, and healthy food is counterproductive to attaining wellness. Aside from packing on padding that slows you down, these habits show up on your skin and mood. Break out of negative patterns once and for all by rewarding good behavior!

  • Take a cue from “Get Organized Month” to improve your physical environment. Organizing workout clothes, spice cabinets, and bathroom vanities make moving more, eating well, and caring for skin easy and do-able. These small changes can make a significant impact on follow-through. Toss or donate things that no longer inspire you to make way for these new habits.
  • Been food-prepping for weeks? Sign up for a healthy food delivery service to give your kitchen a night off.
  • Faithfully exercised for a month straight, proving to yourself that you are “in it to win it” (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves)? Get a trainer to learn other ways to improve physical wellness and fitness for the added lift you deserve.
  • Stuck in a body-shaming spiral? Practice a little body acceptance every day to foster body positivity. Focus on how strong your muscles are and appreciate them for helping you handle daily tasks. As you start moving more and eating better, remind yourself that you are getting stronger and becoming healthier every day. This empowered connection between mind and body will propel your total wellness.

We hope you’ll join us in taking this healthy, balanced approach to heart. Our last bit of advice? Define physical wellness for yourself, resist overcomplicating it, and carve out time to put habits into practice. Sure, managing work, personal obligations, and caring for yourself and others takes effort. But, when you put your mind to it, you can thrive and be well.

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