Natural Skin Care Advice For Summer

Natural Skin Care Advice For Summer

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 13th May 2022

Summer means more of almost everything: More sun, more heat, more humidity and, hopefully, more fun. And while change is normally a good thing, changing your skincare for summer isn’t always an easy task. The key to keeping skin in tip-top shape this season requires responding to skin changes in real time. With a few minor tweaks and natural skin care additions, you can embrace the changing season beautifully.

 Lighten Up
You can avoid many summer skincare pitfalls with a lighter skincare routine. Most skin types will benefit from setting aside rich, heavy skincare and make-up during the hot, humid months of summer. Don’t worry – there are plenty of lightweight, natural skin care products to keep your skin luminous and glowing throughout the season. Swapping out a creamy face wash for a foaming, natural skin cleanser is a perfect place to start counteracting the uptick in oil production. But if you love your milky cleanser, you can lighten up in other areas.

Pare It Down
Streamlining multi-step routines with multi-purpose products is a super, summer skincare solution. For example, a facial mist that can be used as an alcohol-free toner and an exfoliant that doubles as a cleanser make great time savers. Keep this trend going with double-duty serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens to avoid summer skin upheaval, especially if you have oily skin or experience t-zone shine. Forgo heavy face oils and use a tinted sunscreen that serves as a skin care cream for a sheer, humidity-resistant look and feel that lasts all summer. Indeed, everyone’s skin has its own unique responses to seasonal weather. You know your skin best, so be sure to have what it needs on hand. So, if yours is bone dry and impervious to the changes of the seasons, go ahead and stick with your oil based face cleanser and intensive night cream.

Summer Serum Essential
You can’t go wrong with a moisturizing Vitamin C serum this time of year. But choose wisely! Not all Vitamin C serums are created equally. Many contain raw Ascorbic Acid, which is unstable and oxidizes when exposed to air. If your serum has a brown hue, toss it as this means it has lost efficacy. L-Ascorbic Acid has a naturally harsh pH which causes redness and irritation. Still, others labeled as “Vitamin C serums” may contain low percentages of actives, rendering them ineffective. In contrast, Pevonia formulates the “C” Complexe with Oxyzomes with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. This skin-friendly form of Vitamin C, known as MAP C, gives your skin what it needs, now more than ever.

Why you need it:
•It provides antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals.
•It helps prevent and correct sun damage.
•Advanced encapsulation stabilizes the Vitamin C and facilitates product penetration and maximum results.
•It is suitable for all skin types, including combination skin, oily skin, and even sensitive skin.
•Hyaluronic Acid provides youthful-looking, dewy plumpness.
•It doubles as a facial moisturizer without weighing combination and oily skin down.
•As Vitamin C inhibits melanin production, it helps prevent skin from developing hyperpigmentation.

If you are craving radiant, glowing skin, be sure to use your Vitamin C serum consistently.

Be Sun Savvy
While sunscreen is essential year-round, no summer skincare article is complete without a sunscreen caution. As you venture out to enjoy outdoor activities, being extra diligent in guarding yourself against UV rays is a change you’ve got to embrace. Otherwise, your summer fun may add up to sunburns today and wrinkles and sun damage tomorrow.

Summer Skin Reset
 Much like new workout gear motivates you to hit the gym, giving your skin a summer skincare reset can help inspire you to stay on track with your routine. Here’s how:

  • Power up your cleansing: An oil based face cleanser followed by a sulfate-free foaming formula is effective for removing layers of sunscreen, oil, dirt, and debris.
  • Always follow with an alcohol-free toner for a thoroughly refreshing cleanse.
  • Prevent moisture loss: As summer heat can sap skin of vital moisture, spritz your face and neck with a facial mist before applying your usual skin care cream for an extra drink of moisture for your skin.
  • Treat the skin with a Vitamin C serum followed by a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily and a mineral oil-free facial moisturizer at night.
    • - Exfoliate to buff away dulling winter flakes and eliminate pore-clogging debris.
  • Mask with a purifying mask once or twice a week to stay fresh and radiant.

Remember that the less red you see now, the less brown, hyperpigmenation spots and areas you will see later! So, go ahead and loosen up during your escapades but remember that practicing a consistent routine is crucial for summer skincare success.