Masking Beyond Your Face

Masking Beyond Your Face

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 27th Jan 2023

You are the queen of re-purposing products, like using vinegar and baking soda to clean with and finding newfangled uses for household gadgets. But have you considered doing the same thing with facial masks? There is no question that clean skincare masks improve the appearance of your face. And, since you have skin covering your entire body, why not mask there, too?

If you are committed to improving your skin, you may have already used face masks on other parts of the body. But, if not, a world of skincare possibilities is open to you. Skin issues and concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and signs of aging don’t stop at your neck. So, we shouldn’t skip this step to keep skin healthy and beautiful all over. Sure, facial skin is thinner than elsewhere on the body and prone to showing signs of aging earlier, but that doesn’t mean the skin on the back of your hands, neck, chest, and beyond won’t equally benefit from masking.

Masking for Hands, Neck & Chest
Our hands, necks, and chests are dead giveaways of our age. This is due to several factors. The natural oil that lubricates our faces is produced at a much lower rate elsewhere on the body. Without this natural plumping moisturizer, the skin in these areas becomes easily dehydrated, causing early fine lines to appear. In addition, the skin on the backs of the hands, neck, and chest tends to be quite thin, making them vulnerable to aging and environmental assaults. That is why the skin on your hands, neck, and chest requires added assistance to keep them soft and supple. While we’re all for aging gracefully, it doesn’t hurt to hinder the aging process where possible. And masks are an excellent step towards keeping your hands, neck, and chest smooth and youthful-looking.

Hands: While the palms of our hands are thicker than elsewhere on the body, not so on the back of the hands, which are subjected to constant hand washing, UV exposure, chilling winter conditions, and the passage of time. To help keep hands from becoming rough, reddened, weathered, or thinning, they need extra TLC. A moisturizing mask that fortifies the protective skin barrier is the best way to repay them for their hard work. Our Ageless Skin Collagen Mask with Shea Butter, Beta-Carotene, Green Tea, and other effective skincare actives locks in moisture, repairs, and neutralizes free radicals, leaving hands smooth and calm. Plagued by dark spots and not ready to reveal your age? Use our Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream before masking to maximize glowing results. Follow with a concentrated hand cream and broader protection ocean safe sunscreen in the daytime, and a potent Vitamin C serum at night, to even skin tone.

Neck & Chest: The skin on necks and chests is particularly susceptible to aging and environmental damage. It is thinner and more delicate than facial skin and has less collagen and fewer glands than the skin on the rest of the body. Due to the awkwardness of applying serums, lotions, and sun protection to this area and being covered up most of the year, people tend to ignore or overlook preventive care here. Add in the effects of UV rays, gravity, and harsh weather, and what starts as early fine lines may evolve into deeper wrinkles, sagging necks, crepey texture, and creased cleavage. Make up for lost time with twice weekly use of the Marine Collagen face mask enriched with Beta-Carotene and Squalane to deeply moisturize and support cell repair, smoothing the look of lines and wrinkles. Combine with daily use of our Restore Neck & Chest Serum and Cream with skin-repairing Kigelia Africana, Marine Elastin and Collagen Peptides, and a tinted cream that offers sun protection for a more enticing neck and décolleté. For dark spots, incorporate the Lumablanc Cream at night.

We’ve Got Your Back
While our faces have more oil glands than our body, the pores on your back can benefit from the purifying effects of Kaolin Clay and Bentonite Clay found in the Radiance and ProCorrective Clear-Control masks. Backs are especially prone to pore congestion and breakouts as they are challenging to reach and keep clean, plus they are subjected to aggravating friction from things like backpacks and workout gear.
Want to help detoxify the skin on your back? Our micronized Pure Skin Charcoal Mask will be your weekly go-to. It includes moisturizing actives for a beautiful, easy-to-remove refresh without drying out the skin.
When they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” we like to think they’re referring to our apple face mask benefits. With moisturizing Shea Butter, Red Clover to control excess oil and minimize pore appearance, and Green Apple to boost luminosity and clarity, the Bright Skin Green Apple Mask is just what the skin doctor ordered.

But, if you suffer from bacne (breakouts on your back), our ProCorrective Clear-Control Mask may be used all over or used as a blemished spot treatment to stop blemishes in their tracks. This acne mask also features Niacinamide, Tea Tree, Caviar Lime, and other plant based effective skincare actives to target the root causes of acne. These expertly crafted masks can be used anywhere on the body (don’t leave your arms, legs, and torso out!) to promote clear, healthy, refined skin all over. You may want to enlist a friend’s help to apply and remove a mask on your back. Spa night anyone?

Mask While You Sleep
Our Resurfacing Glycocides Cream can be used as an overnight “sleep mask.” The professional-grade Glycolic Acid exfoliates, smooths, and evens skin tone, plus amplifies the results of your other Pevonia treatments. Simply replace your regular nighttime face and body moisturizer once or twice a week to remove dulling skin on hands, forearms, knees, elbows, and wherever else you desire – no rinsing required!

How to Mask Like a Pro
For best results, after cleansing the area you want to mask, exfoliate with a natural body scrub, enzymes, or a facial scrub to pave the way for optimal masking results.

Next, just like masking your face, follow with a body moisturizer that best addresses your concerns to lock in moisture and prolong results.

  • For hands, our Multi-Active Hand Cream with moisture-preserving Sunflower Oil, skin-renewing Glycolic Acid, and protective Vitamins A and E repair overworked hands.
  • For looseness, sagging, dullness, and uneven skin tone, follow with the Pevonia Lumafirm Body Moisturizer – Firm & Glow.
  • For Retinol lovers whose main issues are roughness, dryness, and wrinkling, the De-Aging Body Balm Papaya-Pineapple will be your new favorite body moisturizer.
  • For after masking your arms, legs, or torso (yes, you can treat these areas, too!), the Crepe-No-More Body Cream smooths and refines skin texture with innovative Longan Fruit, and Hyaluronic Acid, for a tighter-looking silhouette.

Want to maximize results for your healthiest skin ever? Boost skin health with an in-depth consultation for your ideal products and professional treatments. Schedule a Customizable In-Spa Treatment with the Radiance Collection of Masks, Collagen & Caviar Hand Treatment, Lumafirm® Body Firm & Glow Treatment, or De-Aging Papaya-Pineapple Crème Fraîche Body Wrap. Visit Find A Spa for an oasis near you offering Pevonia!