Learning To Love Yourself

Learning To Love Yourself

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 13th Feb 2022

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is traditionally the day for lovers. However, depending on your relationship status and beliefs, this love-filled day may or may not live up to the fantasies that you see in the media. This is exactly why, at Pevonia, we believe that Valentine’s Day should be about loving yourself. No matter your relationship status and no matter what day it is (Valentine’s Day or a random Monday (ugh yes, even on Monday’s)) you need to embrace YOU and enjoy every minute of it! Let’s explore some ways to love yourself.

Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step! Shockingly, this time, we are not talking about obtaining a radiant complexion from natural skincare products, but instead about you radiating confidence! You are wonderful, so let’s make Valentine’s Day about celebrating our lives right where we are, not where we think we should be. Not only just being comfortable with yourself, but loving yourself is paramount.

Improve Self Talk
Waiting for someone to tell you that they love you? Try telling yourself “I love you,” in the mirror. Should that make you wince, maybe you’ve discovered the crux of the issue. Many people have a running inner dialog that they wouldn’t wish upon their closest friends. Listen to how you speak to yourself and start saying loving things instead. Affirmations may seem hokey, but practice this daily until you can look yourself in the eye and believe it. You can try a softer approach by writing or stating, “I am learning to love myself” or “I am taking steps to learn to love myself” to work up to loving self-talk. Follow us on Instagram @Pevonia we love sharing affirmations because you are fabulous!

Get Real Love
If you are single and pining for a mate, stop. First step, go ahead and put down on paper the qualities that you would want in a mate. Then, ask yourself if you have those characteristics. If not, then take a time out from that dating app to work on yourself — the best form of love! Maybe that means joining a volunteer group, picking up a new hobby, or learning a new skill, or even changing a few things about your diet – not to lose weight, but just to feel a little healthier and of course have your skin look a little more glowing. Forget New Years (it’s overplayed anyways…) February 14th can be the first day of the new you! 

The Gift of Love
Love comes in many forms and is shown in many ways and yes… sometimes that is in the form of a gift. You may be thinking, “gifts… sounds a little superficial – what does that have to do with loving myself?” A. The gift does not have to be a physical gift, just something that spreads joy. B. Whether you are treating yourself with a gift, or selecting a gift for someone special there is no way that making someone happy will not make you happy. It’s science.

First, answer this question about the person receiving the gift, “What is their love language?” Always know your audience. Some people love receiving the traditional chocolates and teddy bear for V-Day, others would prefer something romantic like a poem or hand written card. You could bake something, or make something, or even watch someone’s kids for a few hours and give mom/dad time to take a nice warm relaxing bath in silence. No matter what your idea is, make sure to think outside of the box for Valentine’s Day. Parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, pets, children, the list is endless— go make someone happy, we promise it will make you happy as well.


Give It Away
Studies show that when we give to others, it comes back to us multifold. It improves your sense of self-worth, positivity, and connection with others. Many people who feel rudderless gain a sense of purpose once they start helping those in their community. This estimable act will help improve your sense of self-worth. If you still want something material, hustle or make a plan that accomplishes that reality for you. The feeling of fulfilling your dreams is priceless and something only you can own.

There are multiple pillars of selfcare and while we believe that they all are equally important, we also think that there is one pillar that is extra important in today’s world— mental health. There is no way to sugar coat it… THIS. IS. HARD. What we all are going through right now is HARD. Many of us are surviving not thriving, exhausted, and feeling defeated. You are not alone. So, take care of yourself and try your best to do one thing each day that is just for you. It does not have to be something big: taking that extra 15 minutes at the end of your day and doing a facial mask, block off 20 minutes to meditate, or 30 minutes in the morning to do a little yoga. Above all, be graceful with yourself – you are doing the best you can and you are doing a great job!

The other pillar is physical health; feeling more confident in your skin and body. Exercise and what you put in your body are just as important as what you put on your body. Investing time in healthy food shopping and prep and committing to a fitness regimen along with using natural skin care and body care is the ultimate self-loving gift.

We hope that you enjoyed this post on a few fun ways to show yourself some love. See our blog Love Yourself - Part Two to learn how natural skin care products from Pevonia skin care can help you love the skin you’re in!