Complimentary Products To Compliment Your Skin

Complimentary Products To Compliment Your Skin

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 3rd Feb 2022

Everyone loves a compliment! When someone says that you look nice, it makes you feel a bit happier inside, right? That’s because compliments trigger the reward center of our brains. Similarly, things that complement each other, like Peanut Butter & Jelly or Abbott & Costello, make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. You get the idea. Now, we know that “compliment” and “complement” aren’t the same, but we’ve seen people use these words interchangeably. This got us thinking, if changing one small letter in these words can make such a difference, then so can making one (or two) small changes to your skincare routine!

Just like certain wines pair well with different dishes, highlighting flavors, a complementary product can enhance the benefits of another. Not just any combination will do… the best types of complementary products are those that pair natural skin care products! Discover below how combining two different natural skin care formulas can amplify results to more effectively improve skin health and beauty.

Product Pairings
Check out these product pairs that work well together and start getting compliments on your complexion!

Cleanser + Toners – “It takes two to make a thing go right” is definitely true when it comes to combining a natural skin cleanser and toner. They work together to sweep away impurities, oil, and make-up; completing the perfect cleanse to prepare your skin to receive the maximum benefit from the rest of your routine. In addition to choosing sulfate and alcohol-free formulas that preserve your skin’s moisture barrier, be sure to use face cleansers and toners that are geared toward your skin type and specific skincare concerns for the best results.

Check out our most popular couples:

  • Not so pretty in pink? If you exhibit redness and irritation, select the natural face cleanser for sensitive skin, the Sensitive Skin Cleanser, and pair it with the Sensitive Skin Lotion, AKA toner.
  • Plagued by breakouts? Choose the best natural facial cleanser for acne prone skin, the SpaTeen Blemished Skin Cleanser, complemented by the SpaTeen Blemished Skin Toner.
  • Lines threatening to take over your face? The Power Repair Hydrating Cleanser and Toner will help hold them off.

Serums + Creams – Serums are the powerhouse of your routine and may include any Pevonia serum, complexe, or intensifier. While some brands use oils and fillers in their serums, Pevonia specially formulates our highly concentrated serums to penetrate deeply, leaving out additives that would hinder results. Just like any powerhouse couple, it takes two to tango. That means that you need to top your favorite serum with a complementary mineral oil-free moisturizer to seal in the actives.

To target your main concern, we recommend sticking to the serum and cream from the same line to start. For example, if managing early signs of aging is your primary goal, the Power Repair Intensifier – Collagen & Myoxy-Caviar followed by the Pevonia Power Repair Marine Collagen Cream from the same collection is ideal. Or, if you are dry through and through, use the Vitaminic Concentrate followed by the Rejuvenating Dry Skin cream to infuse your skin with much-needed moisture. However, if you suffer from acne or pronounced redness and irritation, the rule of thumb is to get the inflamed condition calmed down first with a complete regimen. Then, once you establish a plateau, you can continue to treat your primary concern with your serum and begin addressing your secondary problem with your skin care cream.

If you have multiple concerns, you can mix and match from different lines to address all of your issues. Perhaps you’ve been on the same regimen for a while; it is good to mix and match, as skin tends to plateau over time. Much like switching up your routine at the gym, incorporating formulas with different actives can help improve your skin health and achieve radiance faster. With such a complete offering, the combinations are endless. Here are just a few complementary serums and creams for a routine that does double duty:

Acne + Aging Concerns:  Keep acne under control by applying the Spa Teen Blemish-B-Gone, the best acne spot treatment, followed by the cruelty free collagen cream. Alternatively, you can also apply the non-comedogenic Power Repair Intensifier – Collagen & Myoxy Caviar first to address fine lines and wrinkles, and layer with the SpaTeen Blemished Skin Cream.

Acne + Combination Skin: Apply the SpaTeen Blemish-B-Gone to target breakouts, followed by the Balancing Combination Skin Cream.

Acne + Redness and Irritation: The Soothing Propolis Concentrate is ideal for those with both concerns. Layer with the Sensitive Skin Cream or the SpaTeen Blemished Skin Cream and apply Pevonia acne Spot Treatment to breakouts as needed.

Aging + Redness and Irritation: If fine lines concern you most, apply the Power Repair Intensifier – Collagen & Myoxy Caviar followed by the Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream or RS2 Care Cream. Another option is to start with the Soothing Propolis Concentrate or RS2 Concentrate and finish with the natural collagen cream from the Power Repair collection.

Aging + Combination Skin: Apply the Power Repair Intensifier – Collagen + Myoxy Caviar and finish with Balancing Combination Skin Cream to address early signs of aging while keeping t-zone shine in check.

Redness & Irritation + T-Zone Shine – Apply the RS2 Concentrate, or Soothing Propolis Concentrate followed by the Balancing Combination Skin Cream.

Channel your inner mixologist by combining different serums and creams to customize your skincare regimen and meet your skin where it is on any given day or season!

Dynamic Environmental Duos
For when your skin starts looking dull, or you need antioxidants to thwart free radicals triggered by stress or lifestyle habits, we’ve got you covered. Our favorite way to protect against environmental assaults is with a one-two punch. The “C” Complexe with Oxyzomes pairs well with our YouthRenew Tinted Cream SPF30 to better protect the skin against damaging UV rays. If the sun has already had its way with your skin, the Micro-Retinol Essential Serum and Micro-Retinol Essential Cream at night will aid in repairing sun damage.

The Ultimate Add-Ins
Would you like a boost with that? Yes, please! Pevonia treatments are the ideal way to amplify the results of your daily routine, and the Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream and Phyto-Gel Cleanser are our number one duo. The Pevonia peeling cream is gentle enough for sensitive skin types but needs the natural foaming cleanser to remove it and stop the exfoliation process. One without the other is simply an incomplete solution!

Scrubs and Masks are also perfectly compatible. For example, to get the greatest benefit from the Pevonia Micro-Pores Bio-Active Mask, using the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser first will sweep away pore-clogging debris to allow it to better refine your pores. Try this with our other masks and we know you will notice a difference in your skin.

Lifestyle Companions
We’d like to join you the next time you hit the gym or take a red-eye. Tote the Phyto-Aromatic Mist for a post-workout or in-flight refresh. Feeling extra hot? Cool down faster with the Tension Relief Gel. Now, that’s one cool twosome. If skin is parched from dry in-cabin air, spritz first, then add in the Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Serum for a dewy duo.
Try out these complementary products, step back and let the compliments on your skin begin!