About Rosacea Awareness & How To Exit the Pink Zone

About Rosacea Awareness & How To Exit the Pink Zone

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 15th Apr 2022

With April being Rosacea Awareness  Month and Stress Awareness Month, it is the perfect time to highlight how these two troublesome issues are intertwined. Stress can trigger rosacea in people who are predisposed. Conversely, when people feel badly about their rosacea, it elicits more stress, creating a vicious cycle. But don’t worry, when you understand the factors involved and how the two go hand in hand, you can definitely address these concerns!

About rosacea
Rosacea means “pink like” in Latin, aptly named for the tendency of those affected to blush. According to the latest research, this microcirculation disorder affects approximately 415 million people worldwide, making it clear you are not alone if you have it.[1] Despite having no cure, it’s evident symptoms can be diminished with safe and effective natural skin care, lifestyle changes, and with stress reduction topping the list. As it can flare up without notice, constant care is paramount. If ignored, it can progress, causing permanent damage.

Stress and the skin
Stress is linked with inflammatory skin conditions as it has the following damaging effects:
• Increases acid levels in the blood
• Elevates stress hormone levels
• Excess cortisol causes inflammation
• Leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin, vital proteins in the skin
• Weakens the capillary walls, impairing circulation
• Dampens the immune system

These factors negatively affect the entire body, manifesting in a variety of skin issues. Genetics or pre-existing conditions influence whether stress will induce rosacea.

Set a boundary
Setting a boundary, both for your skin barrier and relationships, can have a positive effect on your skin and mental health. Saying no when asked to do something you’d rather not do is empowering. Giving yourself permission to do so guilt-free is an excellent first step to minimizing stress! Repeat as situations arise, and you will feel your tension melting away. A positive effect to this can be less redness and skin irritation.

Call in the reinforcements! By that, we mean Pevonia natural skin care products that support your skin barrier and help to ward off environmental culprits that affect your skin’s health and ability to defend itself. They must also work to reduce skin heat, cool, and soothe. Your rosacea team should include a skin care cream packed with essential fatty acids to help repair your skin’s protective layer. It is equally important to avoid sulfates, harsh acids and alcohol which can cause irritation. This calls for a natural skin cleanser, toner, and serum with actives that help quell the suffering. Squalane, Green Tea, Licorice, Rose, Chamomile, Guarana, and Allantoin are your redness-reducing allies. As sun exposure is a known rosacea trigger, UV protection is a must! Mineral formulas are better tolerated than their chemical cousins known to aggravate rosacea. A natural face moisturizer formula with a SPF 30 and a mineral tint checks all the boxes for healthy skin and irritation control.

Stop the blame game
You may have heard rosacea dubbed as the “Celtic curse”. However, blaming our ancestors for passing this genetic stowaway onto us doesn’t do any good. Nor does blaming others for your stress. People, places, and things don’t make you stressed; it is how you react to them.

Since stress relief can help your rosacea-prone skin, don't you owe it to yourself get a handle on your stress? We think so! So, here are some quick tips on how to keep it in check:

Take time out for yourself - Mini breaks and personal time work wonders to reduce tension
Play relaxing music - Certain types of music can calm your nervous system. Slower, softer tempos can automatically slow down your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.
Hum a Song - This elevates nitric oxide levels in the blood and reduces stress, stimulates collagen production, dilates blood vessels, increases oxygenation and speeds wound healing.
Get outside - If not feasible, look out a window.
Volunteer - Helping others, including furry friends, is proven to reduce stress levels and takes your mind off worries.
Move your body - Walk, stretch, swim, try Yoga or Tai Chi. Exercise is a great way to instantly reduce stress levels.
Get adequate rest - This is vital to help minimize inflammation linked with rosacea.
Connect with friends - Bonding and touch increase oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone.
Schedule a Spa Treatment - Massages and facials are proven to help reduce stress.
Try Aromatherapy - Certain essential oils help melt away tension, indirectly benefitting the skin. That’s why Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, and Geranium can be found throughout the Pevonia skin care range!
Quiet your mind - Meditation or prayer help reduce stress hormone levels and skin temperature, ideal for rosacea-prone and redness-prone skin. These practices also elevate moods!
Breathe deeply - Mindful breathing redirects focus to our senses, interrupting the stress response. It increases oxygenation, helping make your system more alkaline and rebalancing the pH of your blood.
Be present - Notice the sights and sounds of your immediate environment.
Start a Hobby - Thinking of something that brings you joy is always a great place to start when considering a new hobby.

Eat right to reduce redness
Choose fresh fruits and vegetables to help offset lactic acid, carbon dioxide and stress hormones associated with rosacea. Be sure to get adequate Vitamins A, B, D, E, and K and minerals in your diet to help with rosacea. Avoid acidic foods that can result in more stress hormones, flushing or blushing. It is critical to steer clear of spicy foods, hot soups and beverages, caffeine, and alcohol. Other dietary villains include foods with a high glycemic index, histamines, trans fats, and additives.

When all else fails
If you can’t manage your rosacea or stress on your own, it doesn’t hurt to seek the help of a professional to sort things out. Pevonia treatments for rosacea-prone and redness-prone skin don’t just soothe the redness. They actually work to help strengthen your skin’s barrier. The cooling ingredients and gentle massage also have the added bonus of inducing a sense of calm. Still can’t figure out who, what or why your skin gets so riled up? Sorting it out with a professional can give you the peace of mind you deserve and help your skin in the process!

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1. National Rosacea Society