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Ingredients and Product Sourcing

Pevonia was green before it was fashionable, launching in 1991 with cruelty-free formulas and post-consumer recyclable/reusable packaging. We incorporate delicately extracted phyto-organic and natural ingredients to create earth & skin friendly products that are mother-nature approved. Protecting the earth and maintaining an affinity with nature and its precious resources is an integral part of Pevonia's philosophy. Pevonia International is a member of the Organic Trade Association and holds a CTN Green Excellence Award.

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  • Crepe-No-More Body Cream

    When our skin ages, all components and layers of the skin are affected, including fat. Fat is gradually redistributed, creating an uneven look and tone with visible crepiness. Pevonia turned to an innovative skincare...

  • Power Repair® Age Correction Micro-Pores™ Refine Cream

    The Power of Pore Perfection Enhanced! Envelop and protect your Micro-Pores™ Bio-Active Serum treated skin in the pleasingly light-textured Micro-Pores™ Refine Cream that infuses more of the same pore-refining probiotic...

  • Power Repair® Age Correction Rapid-Restore Neck & Chest Serum and Cream

    ..Telltale signs of aging on the neck and chest can appear quickly, occurring right alongside our carefully curated, faithfully executed face-care regimens. Neck and chest areas do not always receive the same level of...

  • Balancing Combination Skin Cream

    The beauty of balance. When you have skin that is oily, easily irritated, and dry, you have likely experimented more than most with different types of skincare products. Pevonia recognized the challenges of combination skin...

  • Myoxy-Caviar® Timeless Repair Cream

    Timeless. It is the defining element of this brilliantly designed skincare line, and Timeless Repair Cream is its cornerstone. Now, at the dawn of Pevonia's 30th Anniversary in 2021, Timeless Repair Cream is a renowned...

  • Phyto-Gel Cleanser

    Fans of this classic Pevonia Essential declare their Phyto-Gel experience begins when the cap is removed, with the enticing scent of Rosemary, Sage, Basil, and Lemon actives that soothe and protect the skin. Phyto-Gel’s...

  • Power Repair® Age Correction Firming Marine Elastin Cream

    As our skin matures, the first signs of aging become evident. Over time, free radicals, sun damage, and pollutants in the environment cause your skin to lose crucial protein support such as Elastin - a vital component in...

  • Power Repair® Age Correction Marine Collagen Cream

    Pevonia’s most beloved cream for nearly 30 years deeply hydrates and replenishes vital nutrients. Its multiple award-winning, exceptionally formulated blend of sustainably sourced Marine Collagen, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid,...

  • Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream

    On opening a jar of Pevonia’s Rejuvenating Dry Skin cream, your senses may momentarily carry you off to a sunlit pear orchard with peaceful honeybees drifting among its blossoms! Such is the pleasing effect of this cream...

  • RS2 Care Cream

    The Rose is beyond compare - in legend, in all art forms, in its sheer beauty, in its ambrosial fragrance, and in its role as a preeminent ingredient in skincare. Gracing each product in Pevonia’s Gentle RS2 Ligne Rose...

  • Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Intensive Cream

    Plant Stem Cells…a breakthrough in Phytobiology. New horizons in skincare are where Pevonia shines. Multiple award-winning Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Intensive Cream is a revolutionary de-aging moisturizer featuring the key...

  • YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30

    In skincare, a timeless, compelling question endures: “If you could choose only one skincare cream with multiple, instant results, what would it be?” Worldwide, savvy customers and industry insiders answered, “5-in-1...

  • Lumafirm® Repair Cream - Lift & Glow

    The skincare science behind becoming instantly memorable. In a single, evanescent moment your face is the one that is remembered - an imprint of vital, glowing, luminosity. Created as a precisely balanced formulation of...

  • Micro-Retinol® Essential Moisturizer

    The transcending essence of Pevonia's Micro-Retinol® collection. The key rich-actives in each Micro-Retinol® product are harmoniously cocooned in this nourishing mantle of moisture. Exceptionally high-performing, this...

  • Vitaminic Concentrate

    The intense, azure-blue color of Vitaminic Concentrate is the natural color of featherlight Azulene oil, an ingredient rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory actives. Intensity is the very essence of this incomparable...