How Pevonia Gives Back

How Pevonia Gives Back

Posted by Pevonia Marketing on 17th Dec 2021

During the holidays the act of giving is top of mind, so what better time to celebrate National Giving Month? To give means, “to make a present of, to grant or bestow,” and charity is defined as, “the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people in need.” To do our part and help make the world a better place, Pevonia gives back year-round; because adversity doesn't stop when the tinsel comes down.
We know that there are many worthwhile charitable organizations in need of support, and if you are like us then you wish that you could give to them all. To ensure that our efforts achieve maximum impact, we focus our resources on charities that align with our commitment to the environment and improving the lives of its inhabitants. The most recent support includes Adopt-a-Beach, Beacon Center, United Way, charity: water, and Crisis Frontline responders.
About the Charities We Support
Pevonia has taken a stance for environmental conservation since our inception. We value all that the earth and ocean give us and are passionate about helping to sustain marine life and supporting our planet. As a part of our eco-focused vision, we have adopted a mile stretch of beach in Daytona Beach, Florida; where we actively participate in monthly beach clean-ups to keep it litter-free. We are fortunate that employees and spa partners gather to pick up debris and maintain our shoreline and ocean. We hope that this initiative sparks our valued global distributor network and spa partners near beaches or waterways to consider adopting a beach to clean-up of their own. Additionally, one of our latest product launches Hydrating Sunscreen SPF40 was mindfully formulated to ensure it is safe for oceans and reefs.
charity: water
Pevonia International is proud to be part of the mission to bring clean water to 1.6 million people in Eastern Uganda, the location of charity: water'sfirst project. Since 2006, charity: water has funded over 800 projects aimed to improve the quality of life, health, and conditions of people around the world.  Where we simply turn on a tap to receive water, it can take Ugandans on average 4+ hours daily to get clean water. Through their efforts, charity: water helps shorten the time that (most often) young girls and women spend walking to a clean water source. This enables them to use their time for more enriching activities: education, time with family, or even working. charity: water also helps define and rebuild communities after displacements. We feel honored to help facilitate their initiatives by funding rehabilitated wells, with 100% of our donation going towards the program. Learn more at
United Way of Volusia & Flagler Counties
Maritza Rodriguez, Pevonia's Global VP of Marketing & Communications, spearheads our partnership with our local United Way organization, having served on their Board of Directors since 2020. We provide ongoing support by donating Pevonia natural skin care products to great charitable organizations that receive support from United Way. We congratulate both United Way and its selected charities for their valuable assistance and resources within Volusia and Flagler Counties. We celebrate their incredible dedication and commitment to making a significant difference, and ability to bring forth positive, life-changing opportunities to many in our communities.
The Beacon Center, a shelter sponsored by United Way, is dedicated to ending domestic violence and empowering those it affects. We gifted hundreds of natural skin care kits for survivors during Domestic Violence Awareness month in October 2021. Our aim is to provide the recipients a small way to begin feeling good in their skin again. We are committed to strengthening our support for this organization and others in 2022.
Crisis Frontline Responders
Pevonia is grateful for the Crisis Frontline responders in our community and wanted to show them our love and appreciation for helping to keep us safe. To honor the sacrifices they make for putting themselves in harm's way to protect us, we gifted amazing heroes from AdventHealth and Halifax Health with our BodyRenew™ natural bath products as a simple way to say thank you.