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Look and feel flawless wherever you go with this collection of consciously-crafted Pevonia natural skin care products. Infused with relaxing Lavender and Chamomile essential oils, Hyaluronic Acid, and Marine Collagen, the revitalizing face oil, mist, tinted eye cream, and sun protector envelop the skin in high potency moisture, leaving skin dewy, luminous, and protected.


Solutions for these concerns:

Reduces dryness and appearance of fine lines
Blurs imperfections
Calms without irritation and protects

Skin types that benefit the most:

Suitable for all skin types.

Works best with:

CleanRefresh Foaming Oil Cleanser
Vitaminic Concentrate
Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream


Key Ingredient Specific Benefits:

Collagen (Marine) - De-aging; plumps fine lines and wrinkles
Hyaluronic Acid - Preserves moisture and binds water, essential for healthy skin
Lavender - Calms, soothes, and decongests
Chamomile - Soothes, calms, and repairs

Ingredients List:

Please see individual products for complete list of ingredients.

Made in the USA with NO:

Sulfate, GMOs, PABA, Lanolin, Urea, Formaldehyde, Alcohol, Parabens
Mineral Oil, Gluten, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrance, Cruelty

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How to apply:

Cleanse with your favorite Pevonia natural skin cleanser.

Then, spray Hyaluronic Acid HydraMist directly to your face and neck for instant moisture anytime. You can also use as a toner to remove tap water impurities and prep skin for your Pevonia treatments (eye cream, serum, and moisturizer. Plus use it as a great body mist to repair and ward off dryness).

Next, apply 1-2 drops of De-Stress Escape Aromatic Oil to the face and neck, massage gently, and inhale the relaxing aroma.

Finish with the EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age and 1-2 pumps of the YouthRenew Tinted Cream over face and neck in the morning or as needed. For flawless coverage, use a Beautyblender® or make-up sponge.

At night, use the appropriate Pevonia eye cream and skin care cream to address your skin type and concerns.

Spritz the face with the Hyaluronic Acid HydraMist whenever skin feels thirsty for an added drink of refreshing HydraMist moisture.

Before and After

Dry, dull, sun damaged skin before using Pevonia's YouthRenew Tinted Moisturizer Instant glowing, dewy, even skin tone after using Pevonia's YouthRenew Tinted Moisturizer

Did you know?

Not following an effective skincare routine, harsh products, lack of sleep, weather, air conditioning, not drinking enough water, nutrition and lifestyle choices can deplete water from the skin, causing surface dehydration? Dry skin lacking adequate oil production and thinning of the outer skin layer due to aging increases water loss and dryness.

This may manifest as discomfort, itching, tightness, flaking, dullness, hypersensitivity, and fine lines.

Keeping your skin's moisture levels in check is essential for optimal health. Lack of moisture can compromise the skin barrier, leaving your body vulnerable to environmental aggression, and early signs of aging.

The best natural skin care ingredients to overcome these symptoms include essential fatty acid-rich Safflower Seed Oil, Squalane (from olive oil), and Shea Butter, which support the skin barrier and seal in moisture. Pevonia skin care combines these oils with Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen due to their ability to deeply moisturize the skin. With consistent, daily use, the complexion is rendered more youthful-looking, calmed, soothed, and repaired.

Avoiding sulfates, alcohol, and artificial fragrances, which can strip the skin and cause irritation and allergies, is equally important to prevent surface dehydration and dryness.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle with adequate rest, water intake, and a nutritious diet will encourage optimal hydration from within and complement the benefits of your routine.

Tips to enhance your Pevonia skin care ritual:

To prevent stripping the skin's protective barrier, always cleanse with a sulfate-free natural skin cleanser, like the CleanRefresh Foaming Oil Cleanser. For make-up wearers: use our natural Eye Makeup Remover before applying this Pevonia eye cream to enable the absorbency of actives and help achieve boosted results.

Keep the facial oil with you, apply it to your wrists or ears anytime, and take a deep breath whenever you need to de-stress…the aroma is absolutely incredible.

Mist your face after applying make-up for a fantastic great finishing spray.

Tote the face mist to boost moisture and refresh your skin and make-up any time of day, especially outdoors, at the beach or pool, after workouts, and while traveling.

Remember to reapply sun protection every two hours.

Avoid long hot showers and excessive exfoliation (rough washcloths, brushes or loofahs) that can further dehydrate the skin.

What's In The Set?
Hyaluronic Acid HydraMist - Full Size 6.8 oz
De-Stress Escape Aromatic Oil - Full Size 0.5 oz
EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age Treatment - Full Size 0.34 oz
YouthRenew Tinted Cream - Full Size 1.0 oz
Pevonia Silver Trim Gift Box

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