Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Cream

sku # 3932-11


Smooth lines and wrinkles while protecting and hydrating the skin.

Primary Benefits:

Formulated for optimum potency and absorbency, this revolutionary de-aging moisturizer rejuvenates, brightens, protects, and hydrates the skin.

Who Needs It:

For mature skin with severe aging signs or those who want to avoid them. Great for those who want reduced lines and wrinkle depth, a smoother skin surface, and long-term protection of the skin's naturally repairing stem cells.

Symphytum Stem Cells - stimulate epidermal Stem Cells
An active extracted from the roots of comfrey. Symphytum Officinale has been used as a medicinal plant for many centuries. The name Symphytum derives from the Greek word Symphyo which means to “grow together” and Phyton which means plant. An ancient Greek physician used Symphytum to treat bone fractures and accelerate wound healing as well as inflammatory and traumatic lesions of muscles and joints. Scientific studies have proven that the aging of skin epidermal stem cells can be prevented. In an invitro test, isolated human epidermal stem cells were cultured in a “normal” cell culture medium that was rich in nutritional and growth factors and which imitated the environment in young skin. These stem cells were able to form a nicely stratified epidermis with high Hyaluronic Acid (HA) content. The test result was then compared to epidermal stem cells cultivated in a specifically designed cell culture medium which mimicked the environment in aging skin (“pro-aging medium”). Epidermal stem cells that grew in this medium showed a reduced ability to proliferate. The epidermis grown in the proaging medium was much thinner and contained a lower Hyaluronic Acid content and less cell layers.

Symphytum Stem Cells tested and proven effective
However, epidermal stem cells that were cultivated in the pro-aging medium treated with Symphytum stem cell extract were able to form a thicker and more compact epidermis with an increased Hyaluronic Acid content as compared to the pro-aging control. This test demonstrated that the Symphytum stem cell extract helped the epidermal stem cells in the pro-aging environment maintain their ability to build new tissues even during the aging process.

Increased smoothness and renewal time

Scientists also measured the effect of Symphytum Stem Cells on the renewal time of the epidermis. Twenty women aged between 40 and 60 applied a cream that contained Symphytum Stem Cells twice daily over a period of 56 days. The results revealed a reduction in skin renewal time by a remarkable 8% as compared to the placebo and this was accompanied by an improvement in skin smoothness of approximately 12%. Symphytum works to rejuvenate the epidermis from the innermost layer ensuring that the skin appears smoother and more even.

Argan Stem Cells - stimulate dermal Stem Cells

An active extracted from the Argan Tree, the oldest tree species in the world. The Argan Tree is indigenous to the arid southwest of Morocco and has adapted perfectly to intense drought and extremely high temperatures which are typical of the region.

Argan Stem Cells protect and normalize human dermal stem cells

The activity of Stem Cells is regulated by specific epigenetic factors. Plant Stem Cells also have such epigenetic factors. In-vitro studies demonstrate that an extract made of Argan Stem Cells had a positive influence on the activity of human dermal Stem Cells. In order to evaluate the activity of Argan Stem Cells on human dermal Stem Cells, a stable human dermal Stem Cell line was used as a new test system: Stem Cell activity is assessed based on the expression of the Stem Cell marker SOX2 (a key regulator of pluripotency in dermal Stem Cells). Dermal Stem Cells which are cultivated in the presence of the Argan Stem Cell extract show enhanced SOX2 expression compared to the untreated culture. When seeded on a culture dish, these aged Stem Cells exhibited a better ability to form 3D spheres than the untreated control. Argan Stem Cells helped the dermal Stem Cells maintain their “Stemness” even after long-term cultivation.

Argan Stem Cells tested and proven effective

To test the ability of Argan Stem Cells to reduce wrinkle depth and improve the extra cellular matrix structure, dermal tissue from volunteers was visualized by ultra sonography before and after treatment with Argan Stem Cells. Test results confirmed that a 56 day treatment reduced the SLEB (Sub epidermal Low Echogenic Band). SLEB is the result of disrupted architecture of the dermis and commonly found in aged and photo-aged skin. An additional in-vitro test with Argan Stem Cells confirmed a tightening of the dermal tissue leading to a much smoother dermal/hypodermal junction after 56 days. This test also showed the reorganizing of the irregular dermis/hypodermis caused by adipose tissue protruding in the lower dermis. This resulted in a much smoother skin surface. Anti-Wrinkle Effect – A clinical test on 21 female volunteers average age 49 utilized the topical application of a cream containing 0.4% Argan Stem Cells. The product was applied to the crow’s feet around the eye contour during a 56 day period. Test results revealed a remarkable 26% reduction in wrinkle depth.
Argania Spinosa (Argan Stem Cells), Symphytum (Comfrey Root Stem Cells), Collagen, Squalane, Royal Jelly, Tetrahexydecyl Ascorbate (Vit C), Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7, Retinol
After cleansing with Stem Cells Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser, apply Stem Cells Intensive Cream all over face and neck. Use morning and evening. Recommended for mature skin with deep dehydration.